“Beauty is the moment of transition, as if the form were just ready to flow into other forms”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am interested in the power of transition; in both our deliberate and unwitting participation; in a slow, gradual process as well as an instantaneous event.

In this performance,the figure, in a state of gradual metamorphosis , momentarily interrupts the attention of an audience who are engaged in a daily transition-- that is, their commute from home to work, from one self to another. The diversion is fleeting, the sight familiar (human) but not identifiable . With the daily reappearance of the figure, the audience may witness the sight again and again, begin to notice it changing, perhaps even look for it. It may become part of their routine.

We take comfort in titles,certainties, tangible outcomes. In all that we take for granted as dependable, I wish to remind the audience of the absurd and unpredictable for therein lies discovery of self and other in transition, transference, and metamorphosis.

Also There, a performance for the commuter, February 1-28, M-F, 7:00-8:00 am, 2012
Video, 2012, 3:59m