My work is informed by the things that keep me and others unsettled and by need-- the need to tell stories, to reach out, to care and be cared for. My current focus surrounds the reproduction and position of women in the role of caregiver. Through a feminist lens, I interrogate the labor of love and like-love-- the low paid, or no paid, largely invisible labor shouldered mostly by women that is essential to a functioning society. What are the costs individually and collectively when a society obscures and undervalues the experience and labor of care?

I make props and costumes for use in time-based projects in order to explore the effect of this labor on the body and on simple actions like sitting or breathing. These playful, often humorous objects belie the absurd and disturbing realities they reference. I construct dialogues and use humor to disrupt sentimental notions of family and the labor of love. Within the framework of live performance or video, I employ repetitive, durational and circular ideas of time. Through interviews, reading, and personal experiences, I mine the myriad languages of care. Both real and imagined, these are the gestures, utterances, or rituals informed by a lack or impossibility, and also by fullness and desire.